General Policy

The aims of the Devonport City Soccer Club are as follows:

* To provide a facility that will benefit the youth in our area and the community at large.
* To represent our City successfully at the highest level of competition available.
* To provide the opportunity for Junior Players on the North West Coast to aspire to the highest level in the Sport of Soccer.

Junior Development

Junior Development within the Club

Each year a Budget is prepared which gives both yearly/monthly and progressive budget figures. The Budget has to be passed by the Directors.
These figures are produced for various items in the following categories:

* Administration Expenditure
* Administration Income
* Playing Expenditure
* Playing Income

The budget figures produced for the Administration/Playing Expenditure and Playing Income are from the historical figures archived over a number of years.

Board of Directors

Made up of 8 Directors. Elected by Financial Members of the Club at the A.G.M. held towards the end of November each year.

Each Director elected for a 3 year term. 3 Directors come up for Election each year.

If, during the year a Director resigns then the Board makes an appointee who fills in until A.G.M., another person is elected at the A.G.M. to server the remainder of the 3 year term.